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Graduating Student

Medical Students
Medical Students

2019 Graduates from Odessa
2019 Graduates from Odessa

Graduating Student
Graduating Student

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Ukrainian Universities offer different courses in both English and Russian/Ukrainian medium.

Here are some courses to choose from

  • Medical Courses

  • Law Courses

  • Engineering Courses

  • Aviation and Maritime Courses

  • Economics, Business and Management Courses

  • Cultural & Artistic Courses

  • Environmental & Agricultural Courses​

  • No Entrance Examination

  • Free Admission 100% Guaranteed

  • Invitation to Study in Ukraine 100% Guaranteed

  • Most Affordable Cost of Services

  • Tuition and Accommodation fees are paid after Student arrives in Ukraine. 

  • Visa 100% Guaranteed 

  • 100% Refund policy. No risk for Students. 

  • No Hidden Charges.

Why Choose Ukraine

Ukraine is a multicultural country in the east of Europe, known for its high living standard yet very low cost of living.


Its quality of  Education is one of the best in Europe and their courses are globally recognized (WHO, UNESCO, EUROPEAN COUNCIL).

Ukrainian universities offer major courses in English medium. 

Great climate and beautiful weather conditions all year round. (Friendly winter & even better summer)

International students can enjoy 50% discount on every means of transportation and the opportunity to travel to North America and other parts of Europe for a three Month Summer Job during vacations.

Students also have better job prospects and possibilities of Permanent Residence & Settlement in Europe after completion of study program.


T  Dims consultant are simply the best. You can absolutely relax, knowing that they have got you.

For real, RELAX



— Afifa from Abuja, Nigeria.

  I'm in my 6th course in Odessa medical University. I have to be thankful and grateful to Dims Edu Consult. They didn't just get me to Ukraine, they also assisted me in my registration and they are always a call away even if i needed to translate a grocery while shopping.



— David from kaduna, Nigeria.

     Thanks to Dims education consultant I am now a freshman in Kiev. I had so many worries, but they are very legit. You will love it here.



— Emma from Accra Ghana

     I really did my research, you won' get a better service and their price is very reasonable and affordable. I'm glad I found you. Thanks



—Emeka from Enugu, Nigeria