DIMS EDUCATION CONSULTANTS provides prospective students with accurate and helpful information about Ukrainian Educational System. Our goal is to create a flawless service that aids Foreign students aspiring to study in Europe achieve their dreams without spending a fortune. Our services are based on our core values; authenticity, honesty and transparency. We abide by the values to ensure the best possible experience for the students. 

DIMS EDUCATION CONSULTANTS provides it's professional assistance mainly in this 3 stages:



  1. 15 minutes free consultation services for prospective students.

  2. Constant communication with prospective student via E-mail, Call, WhatsApp, Viber, IMO, Telegram

  3. Professional Advice on choosing the best University that is the most appropriate for Student's Course and Programs.

  4. Issuance of Student Invitation to study in Ukraine and Courier service delivery to Student worldwide.

  5. Visa Support Services. 

  6. Assistance in Securing the cheapest flight tickets to Ukraine

  7. Arrangement for student's Accommodation; University hostel or Apartment. (Student decide)

  8. Notify the Airport staff of your arrival to ensure safe Clearance and Entry to Ukraine. (After the arrival date has been confirmed)


  1. A staff member personally assigned to student waiting to Pick student up and Guide all student's affairs. 

  2. Provide a Local SIM Card for student's Cell phone. (Student must call Family or Sponsor to confirm his arrival to Ukraine)

  3. Free Breakfast/lunch or Dinner. (Depending on the arrival time of student)

  4. Transfer to Prearranged University Hostel or Apartment by Student's Guide.




  1. ​Assistance in Registration at University, State Migration Department & Issuance of Resident Card

  2. Assistance in Paying the Tuition/Accommodation fee 

  3. Assistance in getting Health Insurance to stay in Ukraine

  4. Assistance in opening Bank Account in Ukraine

  5. Always available to our students at every situation

  6. Legal & Personal Assistance during stay in Ukraine 





Prospective Students must pay these sums to receive the Invitation Letter & Courier service 

Bachelors Degree Programs: 350 $ (This amount includes 100 $ courier service to send the original to an applicant's address )

Masters Degree Programs: 450 $  (This amount includes 100 $ courier service to send the original to an applicant's address )

Ph.D. Degree Programs: 550 $  (This amount includes 100 $ courier service to send the original to an applicant's address )


Prospective Students must pay these sums as soon they arrival at Ukraine. (One time payment)

Please note that if student arrives at a time when there isn't any available train or bus to Student's University's City, Student must pay for a room at an hotel or an apartment. 50$ per night. (However, it is also possible to share this cost if two students are willing to share a room)

Also, students must pay their full Tuition and Accommodation as soon as they arrive Ukraine. This varies and depends on the chosen Course and University choice. 

Click HERE to find out the cost of study for your chosen course.