Nigeria, Benin, Gambia, Ghana, Cameroon, Sao Tome, Principe, Sierra Leone, Togo


At the moment, DIMS EDUCATION CONSULTANT only works with students from the above Countries. Students from these countries must apply for their Visas at the Embassy of Ukraine in Abuja, Nigeria.

Students can book appointment by clicking this link:

Necessary Documents Required for Visas Application 
  • Original Invitation letter from Ukraine

  • International passport (valid least one year)

  • Higher Secondary School Certificate (For 1st year Bachelor Level students)

  • Bachelor Degree & transcripts (For Master's Level students)

  • Masters Degree & Transcripts (For Ph.D. Level students)

  • Birth Certificate 

  • Medical Certificate showing of AIDS/ HIV negative

  • Medical Certificate of physical and mental well-being 

  • Sponsorship Letter from the sponsor who is going to bear the expenses for the student during stay in Ukraine.

  • Recent Bank Statement 

  • 6-12 Passport Photographs

To find out more about Visa Application and documentation please follow the link:

Other Important Information for Applicant.

Student must apply for Student Visa type D

All documents must be translated into Ukrainian Language​ and legalized in the ministry of foreign affairs. 

Embassy of Ukraine provides services to translate and legalize required documents. 

Based on the Law of Ukraine No2004/24536 starting from year 2014 there will be no time limit to apply for a study visa (preparatory Department only).

For a basic education students are allowed to enter the territory of Ukraine between 15 August and 15 November only.

DIMS EDUCATION CONSULTANT only guarantees Visas for students who contact us for Visa Application Consultation. Contact us Now. Click on the button below to reserve your space